Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Curent Favorite YouTube Channels

In yesterday's post I said I would talk about my favorite YouTubers and now I am (progress). I thought it was about time I did an updated post on what YouTube channels I am currently loving. I watch a fair amount of videos every week. Lately my favorites are (in no particular order)

Will's channel is relatively new but you wouldn't know it from his videos. He lives in London and makes weekly videos about various topics. His videos are always relatable and fun to watch. I found out about Will when he did the Rickshaw Run with Jack's Gap and Ben Brown.
Nick is from South Africa and  does a mike of motivational videos and daily vlogs. He post pretty sporadically. Thpough he is active on snapchat. His videos are great when you want to motivate yourself to get stuff done and change your life.

I have been following along with Ben's daily vlogs for over a year and they are super fun. They tend to be a little longer than most youtube (most over 10 min). However they are always interesting and contain great music. He is based outside London, though he travels a lot throughout the year. In fact he just left for South Africa. He post a video everyday about the previous days activities.
Pemberley Digital is the studio that created the Lizzie Bennet diaries series that i loved. They recently finished a series that was a modern adaptation of Emma by Jane Austencalled Emma Aproved. It was great and made me want to read Emma. In colaboration with PBS Digital Studios, They started a new series, Frankenstein MD. That is a modern adaptaion of you guessed it Frankenstein. It changes the main chacter to a med student Victoria Frankenstein and adapts other parts of the story to make sense in a modern context. There are new episodes on PBS every Tuesday and Friday. There have only been 11 epsidoes so far, meaning there is defently time to catch up.
In additon to Daily Vlogs and webseries I also follow serveral music channels. Lately my favorite has been Anthem Lights. there covers are always amazing and different from the orginal song. Lately they have been preping for the releae of there new cd of orginal work and have been releasing videos once a week with songs from the album.

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