Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Lately

Today I'm linking up for a new-to-me blog link up called Sunday Lately. It is hosted Katy, Nicole and Meghan. This week's words are Updating, Reminding, Needing, Amusing, and Being.


My planner. I just started a new long term project at work and got a second part-time job that starts next month. I created my own planner so I am adding new sections for these elements and looking into updating some my inserts for more detailed schedules.


Myself to pack a lock when I go to the gym. One of the perks of my new job is access to a great gym for free. However on a few occasions I have brought all my gym stuff with me to work only to have forgotten a lock to use on the locker while I exercise.


To make a meal plan and eat healthier. Since I've been exercising more it has motivated me to buy more good food. Now I need to make a meal plan that will use it all before it goes bad.


New Instagram accounts. I have been finding some funny and cute Instagram account to follow. Some of my favorites are prissy_pig, Rene-Charles, and Daily Dougie.


Productive. I have been waking up earlier this week and the extra hours of daylight have made me feel more productive. I have finally got some long term items off my to do list. This week I plan to focus my productive streak on the blog. So expect more posts and and maybe an updated look soon.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Musical Monday: 1/19

Sorry, it has been so long since I last posted. I got a new job that has taken up most of my blog time and when I'm done I don't want to spend all my time on the computer after hours on the computer for work. Hopefully I can now get back into the blogging grove because I missed it.

I'm starting back with one of my favorite posts types a music monday. Lately I have been listening to a lot of old school Matt Nathanson, that I recently rediscovered on iTunes. He also has some awesome new songs that have come out recently. One i that has been getting a lot of time on my iPhone is Headphones. It is an upbeat song that is perfect for listening to while working or while zoning out on my bus commute.

What have you been listening to?

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12 Movies for the Holidays

I love watching holiday movies. While in some aspects I am a Christmas traditionalist, not putting up any decorations until after thanksgiving and not listening to holiday music until my birthday (November 14th). I do make an exception for holiday movies. There are just so many that if I waited there wouldn't be enough time to watch them all. I love knitting my christmas present while watching a movie to get in the holiday spirit.
I decided to share some of my favorite christmas/ wintertime movie. I split the list into 3 categories; all time favorites, Netflix favorites, and wintertime movies.

Worth Owning on DVD

  • Elf. This movie is just so fun and has some great lines. Buddy the elf has got to be one of my favorite characters.
  • The Holiday. This is my go to when I want a rom-com with a hint of christmas. I'm definitely guilty of watching this all year long. It has a great cast and the stories are just perfect.
  • The Santa Clause. In my family this movie is a classic. we always watch it after thanksgiving dinner because that is when the story starts. The sequels are also a holiday must.
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas (live version). This is another holiday classic. It is one of my favorite christmas movies and contains of my favorite lines (Santa go bye bye) and songs(Where are you Christmas).

Netflix Favorites.

  • A Christmas Kiss. I watched this for the first time last year and it was perfect. I was first intrigued because it seemed like your basic christmas romance. What separates this from the others is the cast that includes lots of actors who had minor role on other shows. The chemistry is also believable and not as far fetched as other movies.
  • Love Actually. This is a christmas classic that would be on the other list except it is on Netflix. This movie is has everything including a story line for everyones taste and a rockstar cast. not to mention it is british with all the accents, views, and humor.
  • Mistle Tones. I am a total sucker for the ABC Family original movie and one with two of my favorite 90's actors seemed like a win to me. Add in a musical competition and you have the makings of a perfect movie.
  • 12 Dates of Christmas. This movie has a groundhog day esque feel with the repeating days and it feels familiar while still standing out from the pack.


  • Chalet Girl. Available on Netflix. Includes Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl) with his english accent, billy night, and a girl finding her calling as a snowboarder. what is not to like. This is a great movie with a hilarious cast. It is totally worth it just to see Chuck bass play a decent guy.
  • Frozen. I definitely came late to the Frozen party however it is a great movie on par with the other disney classics.
  • Ice Princess. I have loved this movie since high school. Casey falls in love with ice skating and uses physics to get a better understanding. It is a great movie about girl power and the awesomeness of science.
  • Miracle. Probably, my favorite winter sport movies. It is about the miracle on ice when the USA hockey team took on the USSR at the Olympics.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Musical Mondays 12/8

In this week's instalment of holiday music is another unique christmas song. The song is Snow Globe by Matt Wertz. I love this song because I collect mini snowglobes therfore any song about them makes me happy and the sentiment of the song is awesome.

What do you think of the spotify link? Is it helpful?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Musical Monday 12/1

Happy first day of December. In honor of the holiday season and the reality that for the next 25 days I will be mainly listening to Christmas music, I will be posting some of my favorite christmas songs every monday for musical mondays. I hope you enjoy the change of pace and have a fabulous holiday season.

First up is The Christmas Can-Can by Straight No Chaser. This is a fun and original A capella christmas song. That pokes a little fun at christmas with out being mean spirited.