Thursday, February 21, 2013

What I'm loving lately

Bellow is a list of five things I have been loving lately.
  • New Girl
    I started watching New Girl again a few weeks ago. I have since caught up on the second season. Now I can't remember why I stopped watching. It is a good mix of funny and romance drama with some great writing and the perfect time amount. I love 30 minute shows because it is way easier to fit in the time to watch an episode durring the day. Also Jess and Nick ahhh (no words).
    • Earl Grey Sock pattern

    I found the Earl Grey (ravelry link) sock pattern while browsing Ravelry for some pattern inspiration to get me out of my knitting funk. This pattern is a great mix of boring stockinette but still has the interesting pattern on the sides to keep it from becoming boring and monotonous. I had to modify the pattern to fit  my leg because it is a mens pattern but that was no problem. These socks are definitely bring my knitting mojo back.
    • Tea

    I gave up coffe for lent. Need less to say coffee has definitly helped prevent caffine withdrawl and allow me to still have a warm cup in the morning. I am especially black tea with lots of milk and vanilla syrup.
    • Intenet radio. Pandora. Spotify
    I am a big fan of free internet radio sites like Pandora or Spotify. I get to find new music that I wouldn't normally listen to on Pandora. While Spotify lets me listen to songs I love but haven't purchased.
    • Redbox

    I found a link on Pinterest to some codes for free redbox rentals. So I thought I would give it a try since there is a box a few blocks from campus. I rented Pitch Perfect for my first movie. Now I'm in love with redbox. I was able to keep the movie until 9 pm the next day, no waking up early to make sure the movie is returned ontime. They also had a large selection and it was free with the cupon code. I will definitely be going again soon

    What have you been loving?


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