Saturday, February 9, 2013

Final Semester

I started my last semester of college a few weeks ago. I thought it might be fun to tell you about the classes I'm taking this semester. I'm currently taking...

General College Physics 2

I took the first semester of physics last semester and this class is a continuation of the series. I need the class for my biology major. So far it is more of the same, which is redundant. The class repeats a lot of things I have already learned in other classes and often fells like a waste when I go to lecture. This is especially sad because I enjoy the physics I've done for math classes but feel like I'm not being intellectually challenged by the course.

Animal Communication

This class is really interesting. We are learning about how and why animals communicate. The class is heavily based on scientific papers, which allows for real life examples of the lecture topics and more practice reading papers. The class also brings in elements of other subjects, which I love because no discipline works in a vacuum, but you don't often see how they influence each other.

Principles of Financial Management

This class is great. The first day the professor warned us that the class would be really challenging but so far it all makes sense (nothing like organic chemistry). This is sort of my free class that I'm taking for interest with no major requirement. I choose to take the class because I loved accounting last year and wanted to learn more in the field.

Probability Theory

I think this course is going to be the most challenging for me this semester. The textbook is confusing and the professor’s lectures are scattered meaning I think I understand the material then go to do the homework and get completely confused. Hopefully the class gets better as I adapt to the different teaching style.

What classes are you currently taking? What were your favorite courses in school?

 ~ Zoe

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