Friday, January 4, 2013

13 in 2013

This year instead of making abstract new year's resolution that are hard to keep (like work out more), I decided to a 13 in 2013 list of clear tasks I want to complete this year.
  • Graduate I'm set to graduate from college in May.
  • Try Hot Yoga I have always wanted to try hot yoga but never have. Hopefully by putting it on the list it will happen this year.
  • Read 50 books I read 50 books last year and really liked taking more time to do something I enjoy so I'm putting it on the list this year too.
  • Get my own place/ Move out of the dorms/ parent's home Along with graduation come entering the "real world" and a part of that is living without my family and gaining a sense of independence that comes from paying your own expenses,
  • Open an Etsy shop and make a sale I got really close to opening my shop last year and want to finish it this year.
  • Start paying off my student loans Later this year (after I graduate) I have to start paying my loans back and want to be able to get out of debt as soon as possible by making my student loans a priority.
  • Straiten or curl my hair I don't usually do much with my hair (I rarely even use my blow dryer) but this year I want to branch out and try doing stuff with it.
  • Go on a Date This one is a little more personal but I want to try and put my self out in to the world and try stuff I don't normally do.
  • Get kissed This year I will be turning 22 and have yet to be kissed (embarrassing I know). Hopefully this will be the year *fingers crossed*.
  • Run a 5K I ran a 5K a few years ago and really like it so I want to run another one this year and get back in shape with a specific goal.
  • Donate money to a charity This was a new years resolution I made last year as well that i really liked and want to do again. There are so many organizations that need help and while I don't have much I want to continue being generous with what I do have.
  • Complete a monthly photo a day challenge Now that I have a smart phone (iPhone 5) I want to try and complete on of those photo a day challenges. I have already started one for January so hopefully this will be a fun goal.
  • Blog at least 5 times a month I haven't been very good about writing blog posts this past year and want to be more consistent for you (my readers). Especially since I have many post ideas I just need to follow them through.

What are your goals for 2013?


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  1. Good plan with the loans. We will pay off my husbands loans this June just three years after his graduation. One of the best decisions ever. Also, no worries about the dating and kissing! I date one person and he is my husband. We didn't kiss until our wedding day and I'd have it no Other way! :-)