Monday, February 13, 2012


Lately I have been obsessed with Canadian things. As in I have been listening to bands from Canada, reading book by Canadian authors and watching Canadian TV shows. While I am not doing these things because they are by Canadians, it is more of a coincidence that they are Canadian.
Some bands I am loving are Marianas Trench, especially Haven't Had Enough and re-listening to old school Bare-naked Ladies a la If I had a Million Dollars and One Week.

The two books I am currently reading our All Wound Up by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, A book of funny knitting essays, and the temperance breannan series, on which Bones is based, by Kathy Reichs.
Finally a TV show I have been watching a lot lately is Heartland. I have to watch it on YouTube after finding the first season on netflix instant. I also have been wanting to plan another trip to Victoria, B.C. because I love it there especially going to Butchart Gardens and getting afternoon tea.

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