Monday, January 23, 2012

A though Z of Me

Some facts about me
A) Age: 20
B) Bed size: Twin XL or Full
C) Chore you hate doing: the dishes
D) Dog’s name: Daphnie, Dasie Mae, Sophie
E) Education: Studying for math and biology majors
F) Favorite color: currently blue
G) Gold or Silver: silver
H) Height: 5’7”
I) Ice cream: Mint Chip
J) Job: Sustainability Services and dog walker
K) Kids: not for a very long time
L) Living Arrangements: dorm single
M) Mom’s name: Nancy
N) Nicknames: Zo, zophenia
O) Overnight hospital stays: none
P) Pet peeve: when people ignore signs (glass only means no plastic)
Q) Quote from a movie: “For sheer dumb luck” Harry potter 1
R) Right or left handed: right-handed
S) Siblings: 2 sisters (older and younger)
T) Time you wake up: 8:00 or 7:30 during the week, 11 on the weekends
U) University: University of Puget Sound
V) Veggie you dislike: Tomatoes and bell peppers
W) Why you are late: misestimating travel time
X) x-rays you’ve had: teeth and jaw
Y) Yummy food that you make: polenta
Z) Zoo animal you like: penguins and sun bears

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