Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Lately

Today I'm linking up for a new-to-me blog link up called Sunday Lately. It is hosted Katy, Nicole and Meghan. This week's words are Updating, Reminding, Needing, Amusing, and Being.


My planner. I just started a new long term project at work and got a second part-time job that starts next month. I created my own planner so I am adding new sections for these elements and looking into updating some my inserts for more detailed schedules.


Myself to pack a lock when I go to the gym. One of the perks of my new job is access to a great gym for free. However on a few occasions I have brought all my gym stuff with me to work only to have forgotten a lock to use on the locker while I exercise.


To make a meal plan and eat healthier. Since I've been exercising more it has motivated me to buy more good food. Now I need to make a meal plan that will use it all before it goes bad.


New Instagram accounts. I have been finding some funny and cute Instagram account to follow. Some of my favorites are prissy_pig, Rene-Charles, and Daily Dougie.


Productive. I have been waking up earlier this week and the extra hours of daylight have made me feel more productive. I have finally got some long term items off my to do list. This week I plan to focus my productive streak on the blog. So expect more posts and and maybe an updated look soon.

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  1. No, it's still pretty new, Zoe. Thanks for linking up with us! Congrats on a productive week. That's always an amazing feeling. I have the same issue. You spend all that money on the good food and then it goes bad. Are you going to do a post on your planner? I would love to see it!