Thursday, October 9, 2014

October Goals

Of my September list I completed a few items and had to put off a few until this month. Hopefully this month will be more productive on my little corner of the internet.
Past Goals
  • Blog Everyday in September. Nope was going strong until I lot momentum. However I came up with a lot of post ideas and drafts that hopeful will grow up to be posts in the next few months.
  • Buy Flowers. Done 
  • Have a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Done I took total advantage of the fall drink happy hour to enjoy several iced PSLs last month.
  • List new shop items. Not done but I did get some pictures done and will have items listed soon.
  • Visit a new local park. Done. I visited a new section of one of my favorite parks and have already made plans to go back soon.
  • Finish decorating/ organizing my room. Nope Though I did make some major head way and hope to finish up this month.
  • Find Daphne a new collar. Nope but I did find a few options
  • Wear my riding boots. Done while it was incredibly warm last month due to a major heat wave I did get to wear them once last month.
  • have a fire outside/ make s'mores. Nope but the weather is still nice out (see heat wave above) so maybe this will get completed soon.


  • Blog more this month. I plan to be better about blogging this month.
  • Cheer on the SF Giants during the playoffs. I am a huge Giants fan and am super excited to celebrate #OrangeOctober. I even went to one of the NLDS games with my sister.
  • Send out thanksgiving invites. The holiday season is coming up sooner that you think meaning it is time to start planning. In my family it always confusing to figure out who is coming to thanksgiving. I'm hoping by starting early we will have a full house come Thanksgiving. Also any excuse to create an invitation is awesome.
  • Have a fire outside. I didn't do this last month but want to get it done before it gets to cold.
  • List shop items. Another straggler from last month that will get done this month.
  • Use my crock pot. I love the coziness of hearty crock pot meals and the ease of using the crock pot. I plan to get mine out again this month to make some tasty dinners.
  • Finish decorating my bedroom. A final holdover from last moth that with my mom's help will hopefully get finished this month.

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