Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Technology Limit

The reason I haven't been blogging is that I was on a self imposed computer limit. After school was out I needed to take some time away from my computer and reconnect with life. Towards the end of school I was spending all day in front of the computer doing work or messing around for entertainment(i.e. Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Hulu).

I decides when I got home to take more time away from the screen and connect more with the real world. I did this by only allowing my self about two hours a day on the internet (mainly to check email) and limiting my time listening to music on i tunes. I also tried to limit the tv I watched and wouldn't watch tv at all at least one day a week

This was a very successful experiment. It was hard at first to break habits. though as time went on I found out what I really need to do online and stream lined the process. So that i could fit as much into the time I had given my self. I was also able to enjoy reading books more and spent more time outside and reconnecting with family. The key takeaway point for me was that I don't need to up to date on the small details of people's live on Facebook and when I could be spending more time living my life.

Sorry for the wordy post.


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