Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sherlock (BBC series)

I'm back home for the summer after moving out of my dorm and driving three days back home. This week I finally had time to catch up on watching TV and Netfilx. I started watching Sherlock on Netfilx instant and loved it. There are only three episodes in a series. So I was able to watch it in a day and wanted more once I was finished. I went on a search to find the next season which was out but not on Netflix and I found it on PBS.
I love this show because of the relationship between Sherlock and Dr. Watson, how it is set in modern times but retains the same feel as the period pieces. The mysteries are always creative and have lots of twists and turns to keep you guessing. I liked how aspects of Sherlock were similar to the recent movies in the way they explain how his mind works. I also liked that it was a British show because I am a total sucker for all things British.
Overall I am loving this show and can't wait for the next series to start even if it is only three episodes long it is worth it.

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