Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Top 5 Tuesday: Thanksgiving

I'm linking up with Rachel @ Just peachy for Top 5 Tuesday. This weeks theme is Thanksgiving.

Just Peachy

1) Food

From In-and-Out on the way home from the airport to thanksgiving dinner its self I love all the yummy food on thanksgiving

2) Home/ Family

I am writing this post while I wait at the airport to go home. I love thanksgiving because i get to spend time with my family.

3) Pets

My family has a total of 6 dogs and I miss them terribly when I am at school. So, i love to spend time with them when I come home even if it means I am covered in dog hair.

4) Black Friday

Every year My sisters and I get up early to go to the Black Friday sales. We always go to JC Penny when they open because they giveaway free miniature snow globes (I collect mini snow globes)

5) A Break

After the last two days(2 exams and a presentation), I really need a break from school to just relax and catch up on sleep.


  1. I love all of these things! Relaxing is the biggest thing I am looking forward too! After going nonstop all semester.. we deserve a short break!

  2. great list!

    have a lovely Thanksgiving!! enjoy the food and your family and sleeping in :)