Friday, April 25, 2014

5 on Friday

This week I'm participating in 5 on Friday instead of Book Club Friday. Read on to find out why and see what I've been loving this week.

Emma Approved. I love Emma Approved. It is a modern repelling of Jane Austen's Emma as a video diary. It is created by the same people as the amazing Lizzie Bennett Diaries that I have previously posted about. I love Alex Knightley's character. He is a perfect balance to Emma. I haven't read Emma but this series has definitely inspired me to. Check out the series from the beginning here.

Ben Brown. This week I have been making a serious effort to catch up with mr. Ben browns daily vlogs. I love his YouTube channel and you all should check it out. I just finished watching about his trip to Costa Rica and now have a strong desire to go there. Check out his youtube channel here.

Coffee Cups and Books. Today, I launched a book blog with my sister. It has been in the works for the last month and went live this morning. This means that now my book club Friday posts will move over there in addition to other bookish posts. Check it out for lots of literary goodness.

QuizUp. My sister showed me this game earlier this week and I loved helping her play. I finally downloaded it on Wednesday and have been playing a ton since I got it. Some of my favorite topics are Science, Logos, and How I Met Your Mother. Get it here.

Easter candy. My family has a tradition of going to Walgreens and target on the day after Easter to get half off candy and goodies. This is especially great because some of my favorite candy is only available at Easter. Specifically Cadbury creme eggs, Reese's eggs, and sweet tart bunny chicks and ducks.

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