Friday, August 30, 2013

5 on Friday

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1.   JacksGap on youtube. I love youtube. I could (and sometimes do) spend hours watching youtube videos. This week I found out about JacksGap. Which is two english identical twins who vlog about their lives and adventures. They are super funny and attractive. You should totally watch their videos.

2.   Next week would be my first week back to school if I hadn't graduated in may. The fact that I'm not retuning to school this fall for the first time ever is making it really sink in that I have graduated and live in the real world. Though I love being able to go on my Facebook page and see all the excitement from people who are going back . It is definitely making miss Tacoma, Wa and the road trip up there.


3.  I love getting to spend a ton of time with this guy and his brother. They are my sister's dogs and a am house sitting for her this week, which means spending some quality cuddle time with the boys. Aren't they just the cutest.

4.   My Blog redesign. This week I redesigned my blog and am really loving my new template. I love how it is a great combo of bright, warm, clean and cheerful.

5.   Master Chef. All summer I have been watching master chef. I have been really frustrated with this season though. It has been so angry and overly rude. The judges have also been very harsh and being more about the game aspect than the food. However in the last few episodes they have toned down a bit letting the cooking shine and getting back to the basics of the show. I am definitely rooting for Luca or Jessie to win this season.

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