Friday, May 18, 2012

Vision in White

This week I'm linking up for Book Club Friday. This week I'm reviewing Vision in White by Nora Roberts.
I really loved this book. I read it in less than 24 hours and enjoyed all the ups and downs of the story. It is hard for me to pick out specific things I liked about this book because I read it so fast all the details kind of blurred together. Some things that stood out was the wedding theme of the book. I am a sucker for weddings and all the pretty thing that go along with them. I loved the details about how the business worked and how Mac worked to get the perfect picture. I also loved how the story seemed to develop naturally without seeming forced or contrived. Overall, I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick light read.


  1. I've never read a Nora Roberts, but I keep hearing good things about this series. And since I'm currently planning our wedding it seems like a perfect time for me to start reading them.

  2. Nora Roberts is so popular, yet I've never read any of hers! I need to change that soon.